Scope of Services Offered by Clean Infusion:

Aeration Diffuser Replacement Services

  • Diffuser replacement services for nearly all makes of product.

  • Product Type: Disc, Tube, Panel

  • System Type: Lagoon, Fixed Grid, Floating Lateral, Submerged Lateral

  • Diffuser Type: EPDM, Silicone, Polyurethane, Ceramic, Coarse Bubble Stainless Steel, PVC


Aeration Equipment Installation

  • Disc and tube systems

  • Leak and level check per OEM specified tolerance

  • Removal and disposal of original equipment


Repair/Maintenance/Replacement of existing equipment

  • Repair of compromised system components such as flanges, joints, piping, supports, diffusers and

  • connections

  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Services


Extended maintenance contracts

  • Multi-year service agreements for complete system maintenance, repairs, cleaning and performance of aeration system.


Ability to retrofit existing equipment (add-on, upgrade, augment)


Sludge/Grit Removal through regional contracted partners


Aeration Equipment Cleaning Services

  • In-Situ misting service (inject reagent into air header)

  • Basin drained, manual (pressure wash) cleaning of diffusers, piping, supports, inside of piping


Commissioning of new and retrofitted installations


System Inspection and Evaluation Services

  • In-Depth technical capability to evaluate and troubleshoot SBR’s, Ozone and UV systems

  • Clean Infusion qualified technician onsite to evaluate condition of system and make recommendations


Ability to perform all services on a consistent basis throughout all North America

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