Cleaning Services

In-Situ Cleaning

  • Cleaning reagent injected into air header

  • No down time

  • No need to drain basin

  • Performed while system is processing waste

  • Dissolves scaling from air side of diffusers

  • Guaranteed performance improvement

  • Economical and extremely efficient method of thoroughly cleaning




















Manual Cleaning

  • Pressure Wash cleaning entire aeration system including membranes, support structures.

  • Complete tear down of system in cases of infiltration to clean inside aeration piping, backer plates, inside drop pipes, header. 

  • Perform system inspection and repairs if necessary while system is down. 

  • Extend life of aeration equipment coupled with energy savings.

  • Thorough method of cleaning diffusers.

  • Sludge/Grit removal coordinated with regional partners.

Cleaning before after 1.jpg
Cleaning before after 2.jpg
Mannual Cleaning.JPG